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Our team

Sathya Varatharajan

Chief Editor and Publisher

Chief Editor and Publisher of Behind Talkies, one of the fastest-growing entertainment-based news websites. He was a digital media marketer since 2010 and also worked as a digital media consultant for a top brand News website.

Raj Kumar K

Executive Editor

Passionate writer about current events in Tamil cinema industry. He believes that through the use of digital media, can make informative entertainment.

Javid Khan

Founding Editor

He like learning new things and believe that there can never be an end to learning, and the biggest room in this world is the Room for Improvement.

Arun Kumar

Digital Journalist

I am a budding journalist who loves to write stories that have the ability to connect with people.


Digital Editor

A teacher come writer who fasinated to write in regional language. Keeps looking for best-read recommendations while enjoying her coffee and tea.

Shailesh Patel

Branded Content Specialist

Shailesh who specialises in branded associations is otherwise an introvert whose heart lives in the Himalayas. He often geeks out on the latest advertising trends and strives to draw the best synergy with leading Indian brands on their journey towards socially conscious digital marketing campaigns.

Siva Kubendran

Creative writer

A crazy cricketer who became an writer which helps him to be a best team player. He believes that the world can be made beautiful with collaborative efforts and that impact is possible if one has the intent!

Thabraze S

Creative Supervisor

Thabraze is the creative producer of the team, graphic designing is his passion and travelling his get away. In more ways than one, he makes the content visually appealing.